Young Scientists Adrenal Club

Young Scientists in Dresden

On a monthly basis our young scientists of the CRC/TRR 205 meet via video conference with their colleagues in Dresden, Würzburg and Munich to discuss their projects and latest publications. The meetings offer the possibility to establish a network among the scientists in different centers and to get an insight into the work of different projects. It consists of two parts: At first one PhD student presents the current status of his/her thesis and afterwards the scientists discuss a publication in the Journal Club. The Young Scientists Club is part of the structured TAC (thesis advisory committee) Programme which the CRC/TRR205 offers to all its PhD students.

In the latest adrenal club meeting (already the 3rdmeeting) Georgiana Constantinescu (Clinician Scientist in Dresden) started the meeting by giving an overview about the current diagnostic workflow in different types of adrenal hypertension and how the patients’ steroid profile may improve and simplify future diagnostics.

Tina Schubert (PhD in Dresden, project A04) reported about her work on new therapeutic approaches for Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia with the aid of ACTH antagonists of the melanocortin type 2 receptor, which plays a substantial role in steroid hormone synthesis.

Last but not least Alexia Belavgeni (PhD in Dresden, project A01) presented an interesting research article from the international journal of nanomedicine. Deng et al (2018) used an VEGF-targeted construct, which releases the tumor chemotherapeutic agent paclitaxel upon infrared irradiation, in order to treat cancer.

In the discussion questions about the methodology emerged and input about critical interpretation of research data was given.