Our Studycenters


Dear patients,

The research on new therapeutic approaches is one of the main tasks of our comprehensive research centre. The 3 study centres with adrenal competence are located in Munich, Wurzburg and Dresden.
If you are interested in participating in a clinical trial and contributing to scientific progress, please contact one of the following study centres.

Our Studycenter in Dresden

Here is supposed to be a picture of the Studycenter of the CRC/TRR 205 in Dresden, Haus 10, Uniklinikum DresdenDreden
Universitätsklinikum Dresden C.G.C., Haus 10 Zi.124, Fetscherstrasse 74, 01307 Dresden
  • Head&Neck Paraganglioma
  • Cushing Register
  • Conn Register
  • PMT/PRIMMS Studien finished


For detailed informations and contact please click here:

Download “Studien des SFBTRR 205 - Dresden” Studienambulanz-Dresden.pdf – Downloaded 29 times – 67 KB


Our Studycenter in Munich

Studies of our Studycenter in Munich:

  • AGS, congenital adrenal hyperplasia
  • Acronis, non-interventional-study, acromegaly through Pasireotide LAR (Signifor)
  • Optimal (CHIASMA)-Study, acromegaly
  • Plenadren-Register, observational study,  chronical adrenal cortex insufficiency
  • Prompt Study, morbus cushing
  • Prospheo-Studyphaeochromocytoma / paraganglioma (PPGL), adrenal cortex insufficiency
  • Chiracic-Study,  subclinical cortisol-producing inzidentaloma
  • Conn-Register, conn-syndom
  • Ensat, essential hypertonia
  • NeoExNet, neuroendokrine tumours


For detailed informations and contact please click here:

Download “Studien des SFBTRR 205 - München” München_SFBTRR-205_Studien-1.pdf – Downloaded 32 times – 219 KB


Our Studycenter in Würzburg

0931-201 39717 (Tumour Ambulance)