Clinician Scientists

Our Clinician Scientists Programme


Here is supposed to be a picture of Clinician Scientists at the CRC/TRR 205 Rretreat in Tutzing, June 2018.


A strongly patient-oriented research on adrenal disorders provides the fundamental basis for successful translational investigations that take advantage of clinical knowledge and patient-derived materials (bio-samples) for bench level studies to explore disease mechanisms and identify novel biomarkers and targets for treatment.

The CRC/TRR 205 has an important venue for establishing and promoting the career of clinician scientists, a group that is in danger of decline due to the increasing time demands of clinical duties. Within the CRC/TRR 205 funding period a guaranteed period of time dedicated exclusively to research foster clinician scientists who have the skills required for clinical, translational, and basic research.

By bringing together an interdisciplinary team of scientists with experience and expertise in basic, translational, and clinical research, the CRC/TRR 205 provides a fully supportive training environment for early-career clinician scientists, and actively promotes career development.

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