Here is supposed to be a graphic, which shows the topics of the Projects of the CRCTRR 205.

The projects of the CRC/TRR 205
are divided into two research areas A and B. Both research areas involve investigations of pathological conditions characterised by abnormal proliferation or survival of cells arising from either the adrenal medulla or cortex.

Research Area A, “Adrenal and systemic disease” focuses on cellular interactions within the adrenal microenvironment and the bidirectional crosstalk between adrenals and major systemic functions in the context of systemic diseases, such as obesity and inflammation. This research area centres upon mechanisms regulating adrenal plasticity and regeneration.

Research Area B, “Adrenal-related tumours” focuses on adrenal tumours and in particular their pathogenesis and paving the way for the development of improved approaches for diagnosis and therapy.

The knowledge gained from each research area will provide insights into the other, leading to a new detailed overall knowledge of the adrenal.

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